Karrabing Film Workshop

Karrabing spent the last few weeks workshopping and shooting a film about life within the Interventon.

Heated Debates on Intervention Continue

"Aboriginal lawyer and academic Larissa Behrendt has tweeted that Aboriginal leader Bess Price, who appeared on Q&A last Monday night, was more offensive (in her views on the Northern Territory intervention) than a show she’d seen where a man had sex with a horse. In response, the deeply sensitive souls at Murdoch press have united against Behrendt."  For more see The Drum Opinion.

New Affiliations

Although inspired by the life, knowledge, and world of Ruby Yarrowin (pictured above, 1960s, with first six children), Karrabing is not a clan, not a language group, not a nation. It is an aspiration. In Emiyengal, "karrabing" refers to the point at which the tide has reach it lowest point. Tide out! There is will stay until it turns, making its way back to shore. Karrabing does not have the negative connotations of the English phrase, low tide. There is nothing "low" about the tide reaching karrabing. All kinds of potentialities spring forward.